Guidelines for Issuing the Media Visa

Guidelines for Issuing Non-immigrant Visa Category "M" (Media Visa)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has revised guidelines for issuing non-immigrant visa category “M” (or ‘media visa’) for journalists and media correspondents applying to work in Thailand for more than the period of three months. The revised guidelines which became effective since 21 March 2016 has the following details:

Visa for foreign media will be issued to applicant with the following qualifications:

  1. Must be employed by a news agency registered with the competent agency of either Thai or foreign government.
  2. Works full time as a correspondent of a news agency and does not intend to take employment elsewhere except as a correspondent of a news agency.
  3. Shall report on Thailand during his/ her period of stay in the Kingdom which shall exceed 3 months.
  4. Has no work or behavior which indicates possible harm to the public or constituting any disruption to the public order or to the security of the Kingdom. The applicant shall not be under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments.
  5. Has never committed intentional distortion of information when applying for a Media Visa.
  6. This category of visa covers contributors in fields of politics and economy. Extra supporting documents shall be submitted upon request for contributors in such fields as entertainment, leisure, sports, fashion, interior design, and religion.

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