I have a Thai wife and I am holding a “Non-Immigrant” visa category “O”. I want to work as a media member, how can I register?


Thai Immigration Law does not allow “Non-Immigrant” visa category “O” holders to work in Thailand. You have to submit an application for the media visa through the MMOS (MFA Media Online Service) website.

However, as changing category of visa in Thailand is not possible, after your application is approved, you will have to obtain the media visa at a designated Royal Thai Embassy/ Royal Thai Consulate-General. Upon entry into Thailand using the media visa, you will have to log in to your MMOS account and upload a clearly scanned copy of your media visa and entry stamp from the Immigration Bureau. Three accreditation letters will then be issued so you can obtain necessary documents required for working in Thailand, i.e. an extension of visa and period of stay, a work permit, and a press card (if needed) from relevant governmental agencies.

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