Guidelines for Issuing the Media Visa

Guidelines for Issuing Non-immigrant Visa Category "M" (Media Visa)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has revised guidelines for issuing non-immigrant visa category “M” (or ‘media visa’) for journalists and media correspondents applying to work in Thailand for more than the period of three months. The revised guidelines which became effective since 8 February 2021 has the following details:

Visa for foreign media will be issued to applicant with the following qualifications:

  1. Must be affiliated with or employed by a credible and reliable media entity. The said media entity must be duly registered with the competent authority in Thailand or abroad for a minimum of 6 months at the time of submission of visa application;
  2. Employed solely as a media professional without engaging in other occupation during the entire period of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand;
  3. Discharge media duties in the Kingdom of Thailand for a minimum of 90 days and produce a minimum of 10 reports per annum pertaining to Thailand or the region;
  4. Must not have previously produced any coverage or behaved in such a way that would constitute a threat to society, public order, and public safety, nor have been a wanted individual per arrest warrant of a foreign government; and
  5. Must not have previous record of providing false information on a visa application

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